The Crisp, Pale Golden Ale is made in the style of northern Germany "Kolsch beer. The finest imported Noble Hops varieties & 10% Wheat malt gives this brew a dry finish with a complex and yet delicate hop flavor and aroma.


A medium bodied ale with the perfect balance between malt and domestic hop flavors and aromas. The use of "crystal malt" in the brewing process imparts a rich caramel flavor. The pitching of American ale yeast to this classic style gives our Red Ale a light fruitiness.

At Chelsea Brewing Company our goal is to give our beer drinkers the finest all natural premium hand crafted ales with traditional tastes or innovative and original specialty beers. This is why we use only purified water, yeast and the finest malts and hops from around the world.

Our beer is personal to us so please feel free to call us at 212-336-6440 or just stop by with any comments at Chelsea Brewing Company, Chelsea Pier, Pier 59, New York, NY 10011. We'd love to hear from you.

A Totally Bodacious Blond Ale. A Truly Rightous Red Ale.
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